Engineering Diploma Courses

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Industrial Training Department

Salient features of the course

1. Programme Title Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering>

Entry Qualification Education(10+)

Matriculation and as per norms laid down by AICTE/State Board Technical 


Course Duration

3 years


Programme Structure

Semester system


Type of Course

Full time


Fee Structure

Fee shall be charged as approved by the Govt. of Haryana


Mechanical Engineering

  • Repair and maint enance of machine parts.
  • Estimating and costing
  • Design of components/parts/jigs/fixtures.
  • Supervising production processes with a view to adhere to the specifications, optimum utilization of resources and achieving desired production targets
  • Responsible for controlling production and quality of the production on the shop floor as well be responsible for production, planning and control
  • Erection,installation,calibration and testing of equipment.
  • Material management
  • Inspection of the manufactured product
  • Supervising production and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems


Employment Opportunities

  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Railway
  • Insurance Surveyor
  • Thermal plants
  • Govt. Departments like PWD,B&R
  • Now a days mechanical engineering diploma holders do find good opportunities in Army Navy and &Air force.


Civil Engineering

The programme aims at providing the students with theoretical and practical base required for operational maintenance and elementary design aspects of Civil Engg. Projects.It has also provisions for conducting a few tests in Concrete Technology and Soil Engg. The department has been making use of Highwats,Hydraulics and structure laboratories for conducting classes in these subjects.


Employment Opportunities

  • Supervisor in Building Construction
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Irrigation
  • Environment Structures
  • Valuer : Estimating and Costing Maintenance Engineer Entrepreneur: Design Assistant


Electrical Engineering


  • To do maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment systems
  • To procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials
  • To design wiring schemes for domestic and power installation, to draw layouts for wiring diagram, to understand and interpret the drawings prepared by others according to Indian standards and relevant Indian Electricity Rules.
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing small electrical gadgets/ domestic appliances making joints and carrying out wiring work
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and replace electrical machinery used in various industrial and domestic applications
  • To perform the duties of installation, operation, maintenance and testing of measuring instruments
  • To use various quality control techniques and safety measures adopted
  • To do industrial installation, laying cables, earthling, installing motors with their accessories, wiring testing of contractor control circuits and motor winding
  • To design and modify electrical control circuits, to carry out trouble shooting in control circuits
  • To prepare estimates of different kinds of jobs in domestic wiring, industrial wiring in transmission and distribution systems
  • To install, erect , and commission the power equipment


Computer Engineering

This branch deals with design and construction of computers, development of computer programs (software) and computer based information and control systems. In its most general from it is concerned with the understanding of information compilation, transfer and transformation.

  • To be able to use computer in Business application
  • To be able to use C/C++/Object Programming/FoxPro in problem solving
  • Assembling and Dissembling of PCs
  • To design and develop application software system using computer programs
  • Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems
  • To diagnose the faults for trouble shooting PC range of computer and associated peripherals
  • To use multimedia technology and different multimedia authoring tools
  • To access Internet and to design web pages


Employment Opportunities

May work as programmers, web developer- commerce specialists, software/hardware engineers at the following places:

  • Computer Centers
  • Teaching/Research
  • Government
  • Private and business organizations/Industry
  • Computer Engineering diploma holders may even start their own venture with a very little investment.
  • Commercial organization providing services in repair & maintenance of Computer and other Peripherals


Electrical & Communication Engineering

ECE is about electronic computers, integrated circuits and microprocessors and consists of design, fabricate, test, maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment This branch of Engineering has a key place in the field of computers, Technology, Electrical, power system operations, communication systems etc.

  • To fabricate and test electronic circuits
  • Manufacturing, testing and maintenance of electronic devices and systems
  • To understand the construction, identification, characteristics specification, merits, limitation and application of electronic components and materials
  • To understand lines communication, audio and video communication, and microwave communication


Employment Opportunities

  • Electronic Exchanges, Department of Telecommunications, Doordarshan Parsar Bharti, BSNL, Railways, Electricity Board are major employers of Electronics Engineers
  • Industries manufacturing Electronics & Communication systems, PCB components, Computers and other electronic equipment
  • Commercial organization providing services, in repair & maintenance of Electronics & Computers
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • Electronics Engg. Diploma holders may even start their own venture with a very little investment
  • Teaching/Research